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Undergoing a dental exam at least twice a year can significantly reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other potentially serious oral health problems. At Plenty O’ Smiles, general dentist Narek Ovsepian, DDS, and the team offer dental exams to people of all ages, including preventive screenings like oral biopsies and X-rays. To make an appointment at the practice in Pacoima, California, call the office today or schedule online.

Exam & X-ray Q & A

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam is an important component of preventive dentistry. It’s a quick, outpatient procedure that assesses the health of your teeth, gums, tongue, and smile. 

It also presents an opportunity to ask Dr. Ovsepian questions, discuss unusual symptoms, and learn about the benefits of good oral hygiene.

What does a dental exam involve?

Dr. Ovsepian and the team tailor dental exams to your oral health history. They might recommend:

Assessing the health of your teeth and gums

At the beginning of a dental exam, Dr. Ovsepian uses a handheld mirror to observe your teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks. If you’re experiencing any symptoms like pain, bleeding gums, or increased tooth sensitivity, let Dr. Ovsepian know. If Dr. Ovsepian discovers anything out of the ordinary, like an abscess, he can order a biopsy.

Professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning removes dental plaque and tartar from beneath your gums and between your teeth. After cleaning your teeth, your provider polishes and flosses them and applies a fluoride treatment. 

Oral X-rays

Oral X-rays use electronic sensors and small amounts of ionizing radiation to capture photographs of your tooth roots, jaw, and alveolar bone. Dr. Ovsepian uses X-rays to detect oral health problems beneath your gum line. He might also recommend X-rays to guide the placement of dental implants or to develop an orthodontic treatment plan.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a mineral found in many foods and water sources. When applied to your teeth, fluoride strengthens the enamel, reducing the risk of cavities or decay.  Fluoride treatment is especially beneficial for those with a history of cavities.


If you have trouble keeping the teeth at the back of your mouth clean, Dr. Ovsepian might recommend sealants. Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings applied to the tops and sides of your teeth. They provide a barrier that prevents harmful bacteria from damaging your enamel.

Do I need more than one dental exam each year?

Yes. Dr. Ovsepian recommends scheduling a dental exam twice a year, even if your teeth and gums appear healthy. Many potentially serious issues present few obvious symptoms. Regular visits to Plenty O’Smiles can alert you to tooth decay, gum disease, and other ailments early on when they respond best to treatment.

If it’s been more than a year since your last dental exam, make an appointment at Plenty O’ Smiles by calling the office today or scheduling online.